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    Center for Workplace Mental Health

    Depression alone costs employers in the US $44 billion annually. Creating a culture of care in the workplace saves money and lives.

    The case we make to employers is simple: raising awareness of mental health issues and connecting employees to treatment increases productivity, lowers absenteeism and presenteeism, and decreases overall healthcare cost—boosting employer bottom lines and improving quality of life for all employees.

    Since 2005, the Center has worked with more than 10,000 employers to collect best practices, develop resources and toolkits, create topic guides and newsletters, and share insights with fellow employers looking to improve their workplace wellness culture.

    The Center for Workplace Mental Health (formerly the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health) is the premier source for workplace mental health expertise. The Center works with employers across the country to increase understanding and awareness of mental health issues, decrease stigma, promote adherence to mental health parity law, and improve the resources and support available to employees.

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    Center for Workplace Mental Health Program Contacts

    Emma Jellen
    Interim Director, Center for Workplace Mental Health
    Shayla Gerity
    Program Manager, Center for Workplace Mental Health