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    Judges and Psychiatrists Leadership Initiative

    The Judges and Psychiatrists Leadership Initiative (JPLI) aims to stimulate, support, and enhance efforts by judges and psychiatrists to improve responses to people with behavioral health needs in the criminal justice system.

    As leaders in their respective fields, judges and psychiatrists are in a unique position to champion initiatives that address the overrepresentation of individuals with mental illness in the criminal justice system—initiatives that would ultimately enhance people’s quality of life, improve public health, increase community safety and use public resources more effectively. JPLI creates a marriage between medicine and the judiciary, where passionate experts in both fields can work together to remedy a national crisis.


    Core Priority Areas

    1. Enhance connections between judges and psychiatrists through web-based and in-person trainings, and the development and distribution of a newsletter to engage new judges and psychiatrists;
    2. Increase the reach of trainings in order to build the nonclinical skills of court professionals, which will lead to improved patient and public safety outcomes;
    3. Develop educational resources to increase understanding among judges and psychiatrists on the latest research and best practices around cultural competence.

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    Justice Programs Contacts

    Christopher Seeley, M.S.W.
    Program Director, School and Justice Initiatives
    Jeri Thuku, M.P.H.
    Program Manager, School and Justice Initiatives